Fairfield Tree Nurseries Inc.
Welcome to Fairfield Tree Nurseries

Fairfield Tree Nurseries Inc. is a wholesale nursery producing field grown nursery stock. We are located in the Lower Fraser Valley community of Chilliwack, in British Columbia. Founded in 1986 by John Van Wyk, we grew from a one-man operation selling 10,000 trees a year to an organization with ten full-time workers and more than 20 seasonal workers and selling 300,000 trees a year.

Originally specializing in hedging cedars, Fairfield Tree Nurseries has expanded its product line to include a wide range of field grown grafted conifers, specialty broadleaf evergreen/deciduous shrubs and specimen plant materials. Additionally the nursery has developed an extensive network of smaller growers on whose behalf we act as brokers for a selection of hedging cedars not grown by ourselves. This ongoing policy of crop diversification and brokering opportunities has resulted in establishing the nursery's reputation for a top quality, diverse product line, coupled with good service to our customers.